Sunday, April 18, 2010

He's #1 in My Book

The Forensics team went to two State competitions this weekend. On Friday, they went to Madison for the Wisconsin High School Forensic Association performance. There everyone performs just once, and Cory and Jenna scored a perfect 25.

Then they went on to Ripon for the Wisconsin Forensic Coaches' Association competition. On Saturday, students competed in three preliminary rounds, and the best-ranking students in each category continued on to the semi-final and final rounds. Cory and Jenna made it to the finals again this year and were hoping to place better than 6th, where they placed last year.  (PE 4N6 Rocks!

Making it to the finals and placing 6th out of all the teams that were there is awesome!  Last year they were so excited when they placed.  This year they placed 6th again, and I can't speak for Jenna, but Cory was quite disappointed.  He felt that they put so much work into it and improved so much this year - they ought to place a little higher.  But, unfortunately, no matter how hard they worked and how much they might have deserved it, all they could do was give it their best, and then it was up to the judges. 

The judges may not have thought so, but they're #1 in my book!