Wednesday, April 14, 2010

She's Been Planning this Since she was 4 or 5

I can't exactly remember how old she was.  What I do remember is walking down the hall to the kids' bedroom to find them pulling all the blankets and sheets off their beds.  I asked what they were doing, and Cory said, "We're running away, Mommy.  Do you wanna come?" - Not exactly what Beth had in mind.  She was leaving home to get away from Mom.

Then, through the years, we heard it often, how she was going to move out the second she turned 18.  But 18 came, and she didn't go.  It's not as easy to live on your own as she might have liked.

Now, though, it looks like she just might actually move out.  She's been looking at apartments and planning budgets with her boyfriend Tim - now having our daughter move in with her boyfriend is not what we would choose for her, because I don't care how many people do it, we still don't believe it's right.  But, as Beth is always quick to point out - she's over 18 and it's her choice and there's nothing we can do about it.   So, they found one apartment they were going to sign all the paperwork for today, but then she called about another one last night and went to see it today.  It's a lot bigger and closer to work for both of them and costs just a little bit more per month - basically the money Beth saves on gas will pay the difference.  And she should know tomorrow if they're approved to rent it, and they could conceivably move in by the first of May.

She'll only be 5 miles away, and it's not like we see her much anyway - but when did she get big enough to move out?  She did say she's going to come back and do her laundry here, so I guess I'll see her once in a while - at least when she runs out of clean clothes, right?

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  1. I was a bit shocked yesterday when my youngest daughter (22) went out with 2 friends and found a flat - right on the other side of London!

    The flat is very nice but I think a bit expensive, however she want's to do it and won't be told otherwise, so I know how you feel!


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