Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I always thought of Bingo as a kids' game.  I guess because I never played it except with the kids.  We had a Mickey Mouse bingo game or something fun like that.  It was always fun to see who could fill up a row first and yell 'Bingo!'  But that's all it was - fun.

Now I know that some people play bingo for money.  The one time Jeffrey and I went to a casino, I noticed that the bingo hall was full of people filling up their bingo cards.  Of course, that would never work for me because the casino and bingo area were completely full of smokers - so I'll be staying out of there!  Jeffrey was quick to point out that there is a non-smoking area, but since you have to walk through all the smokers to get there, it's kind of pointless.  Who plans this stuff, anyway?

A better option, at least for me, is online bingo on a site like SilkBingo.com - except that it's in the UK and they won't let me register.  For those of you in the UK who would like to play bingo, you can register, get 20 free cards, and up to £100 free Welcome Bonus.  Judging from the testimonials on the site, people are having fun and enjoying their winnings.  Besides the jackpots, there are several promotions going on where people can win things like a vacation or a flat screen TV.  And they have a chat feature, so you can meet new people, too.

Sounds fun, and who knows - maybe you'll be the one yelling 'Bingo!'