Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sax Quartet

Besides performing his vocal solo at this past weekend's State Solo & Ensemble, Cory also performed with the Sax Quartet.  I think they did well, and we were all proud of them.  Here's video of the performance.  Too bad that music stand is blocking Cory, and you can't really understand what he says in the beginning, but...

Sax Quartet @ State from bcmom on Vimeo.
PEHS Sax Quartet performs at WSMA State Music Festival at Whitewater

They scored a 2 - not as well as they might have liked, but nothing to sneeze at, right? Besides, understanding how the judges think is about as easy as figuring out what pronexin is - at least to me.  Just qualifying for State is an achievement in itself, and they all did their best.

Update:  Cory just told me that they found out today that they were 1 point away from getting a 1, so they're not too upset about that.  It was close.