Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Son Can Sing

We don't know where he got all his musical and artistic talent, but we DO know he didn't get it from us.  Regardless of where all this great talent comes from, he's got it.  He's been in band throughout middle school and high school, but this is his first year in choir.  He never sang before last year when he was in the musical Oliver.  And this year, he had time in his schedule, so he took choir.  His choir teacher really wishes he'd started earlier, because he really puts his best effort into it, and he's improved so much in just this school year.  And because it's really hard to get boys in the class - and hard to hear the ones there are over all the girls.

Anyway, first year in choir - Cory sang two pieces for Solo & Ensemble, a Class A* solo called Deep River and a musical theater piece, The Kite from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown - a musical he was in, but he didn't sing that song because he played Linus and not Charlie Brown.  He wanted to do the musical theater piece because he really enjoys it, but he had to do the Class A piece in order to be able to do musical theater. 

He scored well enough to go to State with Deep River, and was one point away with The Kite.  This past weekend was the State Solo & Ensemble Festival, and he scored a 1 on his solo!  Gold Medal, baby!  1st year in choir, 1st year singing a solo for Solo & Ensemble, and he goes to State and scores a 1.

The boy has talent.  One of these days he's going to be singing and dancing in acneticin reviews, I mean, Broadway Reviews, and being all famous or something.  He may not have gotten it from us, but we're definitely proud of him.

* Class A: The most advanced skills are required for Class A performance. (WSMA)


  1. Beg to differ, but he did get it from you two...just skipped a generation or two. There are musically talented people in your background and I'm sure Jeff's as well.

  2. WOW!!! That is absolutely outstanding! Way to go Cory!!!


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