Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After the Tornado: Our House

First things first – assess damage to our house and take pictures.

Drywall inside our bedroom:


Front door:


Cory’s window, screen ripped and the outer glass broken:


Side of the garage by the front door, missing soffit:


Front of garage, covered with debris.  Something hit it and dented it, though it’s hard to see in the pic.  Also, the missing soffit allowed debris to get into the garage where it coated the cars and motorcycle, and probably everything else, too.


Our basketball hoop was in the ditch:


Debris all over the front of the house:


Missing soffit and fascia on the other side of the garage:


Broken deck railing.  That blue thing in the 2nd pic is not ours.  Some of our deck furniture ended up in the yard, but luckily did not go far and did not sustain any damage except for some broken tiles.  Also, luckily the wheels on the grill weren’t locked, so it ended up rolling across the deck and lodging against the table, where it stayed without falling over.



Missing shingles in the back of the house:


Downed tree branches and my tomato plants:


Our poor trees:



Both these trees were here when we moved into the house, along with a third one which was destroyed by wind several years ago.  Jeffrey has been talking about getting rid of one of them for a while now, because they’re really too close to one another.  Now it looks like both of them will be going.

There used to be a plant here, and mulch too:


Some of that mulch ended up all over the house.  Also, we don’t know what it was, but something hit the end of our house.  This is where the drywall in our bedroom got punched in.  There was other damage to the siding all over this wall.


Missing shingles here and there and a bunch of debris in the yard, but it’s still standing, and it still looks like our house:


It could have been so much worse.  For a lot of families in the neighborhood, it was, which you will see when we tour part of the neighborhood in my next post.


  1. You poor things! I'm so thankful that the damage wasn't worse, and that you all came through all right.

  2. Zoiks!!! Thank goodnes, everyone's okay and the damage is mostly repairable.


  3. So glad you guys made it out so well. It could have been a lot worse.

  4. Glad to hear you are all okay and damage is manageable.

  5. This brings tears realizing how close you guys were. I knew, it's just the pictures make it more real. I'm so thankful to our Great God for protecting you and your property. I remember talking about those trees when we were up much they've grown and Jeff wanting to take one out.

  6. Hi. I read your post and I hope everything is okay now and back to normal.:-) God is so good that HE protected you all from harm. Reading your post made me realize that God will never leave us and will protect us every minute of our lives. I'm glad no one was hurt. :-0

  7. sorry to see this. hope everything will be OK


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