Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eagle Tornado, the Morning After

The morning after the tornado, after checking out our own house, we walked around the neighborhood to start checking out the damage.  The more we saw, the more we realized how minor our damage was and how much worse it could have been.  We only walked partially down our street and didn't even see the worst of the damage.  What we did see was bad enough.

To give you an idea of where these houses are in relation to ours, I've tried circling some of them on this map.  Our house is circled in yellow.

The house directly across the street from ours: (circled in red)
The Morning After The Morning After

and then on the street behind that house:  (left: turquoise, right: green)
The Morning After The Morning After

A little ways down our street, looking down the first cross street: (left: orange, right: green)
The Morning After The Morning After

That last house there (circled in green) was completely moved off the foundation, and right across the street from it, where it says 300 on the map, that house belonged to our fire chief, and it was totally destroyed - no house left, just a basement in the ground and a bunch of debris.

You can see the rest of the pics on Flickr.  Start here with the house across the street, and scroll to the left through the photo stream.  I did not continue circling houses, but basically we walked down the street just looking at both sides of the street and being totally shocked by what we saw.

The good news is - no one was killed, and there was only one minor injury.  Houses can be rebuilt, roofs can be repaired, pond fountains can be replaced, trees will eventually grow again, but people can't be replaced.  Journal Sentinel article with some more info about the tornado can be found here.
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  1. Awwww man! I know this scene all too well! I'm just thankful you're ok!!!


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