Thursday, June 17, 2010

It Helps to Prepare for the Test

Back when I was applying to college, I took the SAT - because that's the test required by the college I wanted to attend.  The only sat prep I had was this HUGE book full of practice questions, which I really didn't use.  I did like the big book, just because it was a big book.  I wonder if just having it helped me with the test?  Probably not, but I did well enough that I got into college.

Nowadays kids have it so much easier, getting ready for these kinds of tests.  There are practice questions online, and good SAT and ACT prep courses that can help them improve their scores.  Of course, it's the same as the book - if you don't use it, it can't help you.  When Cory was getting ready to take the ACT, I kept telling him he needed to do some studying or some of the practice questions so he'd be ready.  Of course he waited until the night before the test to do any of them.  Still he did well enough that he could get into any of the University of Wisconsin schools, according to his school counselor.

I wonder how much higher he could have scored if he'd done a little prep.
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