Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waiting to Hear From Our Insurance

Of course, before we make any of those decisions like which shingles and what siding and whether to get French doors or a sliding door, we have to find out how much our insurance is going to pay.  Our adjuster said we need to have all the shingles on the roof replaced and all new siding on the house, as well as new soffits and new fascia and a new window for Cory's room.  He's supposed to get us a list what our insurance company says the costs should be for all that.

In the meantime, we're getting quotes from several different contractors, so we can get an idea of what the cost really is.  Hopefully they'll match up pretty well, and we can get a check from our insurance company that will cover everything we need to get done, without too much of a fight.  You hear too many insurance horror stories about insurance companies that do everything they can to get out of paying.  The family in one of the houses behind us is having all kinds of trouble getting their cheap insurance company to pay for what it should. 

There are some really good insurance companies, too.  I've heard of at least one guy in town who's already gotten a check from his insurance, and they gave him more than it's actually going to cost.  I hope our company comes in on the good side.  They've always been really good when we've had miscellaneous claims against our auto insurance, but this is the first time we've had to claim anything on the homeowner's insurance.  We've been paying our premiums all these years, and they haven't had to pay anything, which I'm sure is the way we both would have liked to keep it - but now that we need it, they need to come through.

We'll know soon enough.
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  1. When Tom totaled his semi last fall, it took the insurance company 6 weeks to pay up. I finally got ahold of the insurance adjusters boss & chewed him out. I told him if we owed them as much money as they owed us on the accident, they would be treatening us with lawsuits, collections, etc. They called the next morning & said they would be sending out the check that day. :) January was when everthing was finally settled & we could officially kiss the semi business good bye. :) (pics of it are in my Facebook)

  2. Our insurance paid for a complete remodeling of our house 2 years ago and i have nothing but praise for them, State Farm Insurance! Just make sure your policy covers replacement value and water damage.
    Don't forget, Hal's brother in law does gutters and facia, i can give you his number. He did our house when we had the new roof done years ago.

  3. I'll be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed that your insurance comes in on the good side! It's bad enough to go through something like this, but to have a terrible insurance company added to it is a nightmare!


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