Friday, June 11, 2010

The Artist

There were 6 different pieces of artwork on the fronts of the graduation programs this past Sunday.  Two of those 6 (1/3 of the artwork) were done by our very own Cory.  Yep, he's awesome.

The artist wants you to know:
These two pieces are a type of art called Print-making, which is actually one of my LEAST favourite projects out of the year. The type of Print-making we do is relatively simple, we're handed a linoleum tile and we carve away. The Glee stamp, titled "By Definition" is this form of Print-making. I carved all of the whites out leaving a LOT of area. You then put ink on the tile and stick it on a piece of paper. Which leaves you with an image. The other Piece is a style of Print-making I wasn't familiar with. it's called "Reduction Print-making" which is Print-making in layers. I had to carve the stamp in layers, taking the whites out first and then as i went on, I had to carve more and more. I ended up with four layers of ink on this piece, and it requires quite a bit of brain power. But I think it looks quite like a Converse, don't you? This print was named "Canvas". My head actually hurt when working on this. But they both turned out quite well and the art teacher told me to go have them printed on the programs, so I did. Luckily these weren't all Inked by me. Gotta love school copiers. ~Cory


  1. Those are awesome! I did one like the glee one (not that well... I did dolphins) in high school art class, but we didn't do the multi-colored ones. He did a really good job!

  2. Is there anything that boy ISN'T great at??? He's so talented and intelligent!


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