Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Took it Back Too Soon

I used to have a Yahoo 360 blog - because I already had a Yahoo account, and because it was free.  Did I really need another reason?  I wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I started posting various quotes from the books I was reading.  They may not be particularly deep or inspirational, but sometimes a line or a sentence in a book will just strike me.  I doubt an insurance quote will ever do that, unless of course they really can save me lots of money.

Yahoo has since shut down their 360 service, and my blog is history, along with all those quotes.  There really weren't that many, mostly because I don't always write the quotes down when they speak to me.  Then I can't always find the page again or else I take the book back to the library before I remember. 

I did it again this week.  I was reading the second Percy Jackson book The Sea of Monsters and there was something Hermes said that really struck me.  I was thinking I ought to re-start the book quote thing - maybe here on this blog, maybe somewhere else.  But, I didn't write the quote down, and then Cory and I went to the library to return books that were due.  I'd finished The Sea of Monsters, so I grabbed that one too - and didn't think about my quote until the next day.  I wonder if it's worth requesting the book from the library, just so I can find my quote?
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  1. Quotes are such fun, but I too am always forgetting to write them down as they strike me. I try when I've remembered to use them for Teaser Tuesday hosted by MizB. It's fun reading what everyone else puts up as well.


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