Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NO Rodeo

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I'm feeling a little bummed tonight.  We were supposed to go see Brooks & Dunn tonight at Summerfest.  Since this is their last tour (The Last Rodeo) and they were so close, we figured we just had to go - there would never be another chance.  We got the concert tickets, and we got our Brooks & Dunn t-shirts - surprisingly only $7 and $10 from the Brooks & Dunn website with very fast shipping.  The weather is even nice and cool, perfect for wearing boots, jeans and leather jackets and riding the motorcycle to Summerfest, but no concert.

Ronnie Dunn is supposed to rest his voice for at least 3 weeks, doctor's orders, so they canceled the concert.  We'll get our money back for those concert tickets, but what I really wanted was to see Brooks & Dunn.

Summerfest replaced them with Lynrd Skynrd, .38 Special, and some other bands I'd never heard of, but I didn't really feel like seeing some Louisiana Jones Act replacement - so we didn't buy new tickets, even though they were only $15, and we just stayed home.  And if Brooks & Dunn are really serious about this being the last tour, we'll probably never get another chance to see them.

Yes, I know I'll survive, but it's still kind of frustrating, at least for tonight.
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