Friday, June 04, 2010

Lots and Lots of Food

  • Chicken - marinating
  • Barbecue Bean Salad - fixed and in the fridge
  • Brownies - baked and smelling good
  • French Toast Casseroles for breakfast - being made, as soon as the bread thaws.  A hot oven from baking brownies works really well for thawing frozen bread.

So, I think that's the food for tomorrow - except the fruit will have to be cut up for breakfast/brunch, and I might cut up some potatoes and onions to cook, too.  Have I forgotten anything?  Or is there so much that everyone will leave here looking for the best weight loss supplements?  Probably, considering that other people are bringing stuff, too!

Now, I need to figure out what we're having for dinner besides the steaks I bought at Walmart the other day.  I'll probably do a potato packet for Jeffrey to grill along with the steaks and cook some green beans.  Also, those brownies are smelling so good that we'll probably have some for dessert and make some more for tomorrow.  They're real easy, since they're from a mix.  Walmart had them for 75¢ and I had a coupon for 75¢ off 2 - so I just couldn't pass those up.

So, who's coming?  It sounds like we'll have plenty.


  1. ooooh, if I was just a little bit closer I would be there with my bib on!

  2. i have Veggie Kablooie, Green onions from my garden, and i made that salmon/pea/rice salad, but i used teriyaki soy sauce instead of reg--- don't know if it will be as good.

  3. Sounds good. We just bought a BBQ and I have never done much with them so hubby is looking after the cooking there which gives me a break.


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