Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pizza for Dinner

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I usually have several frozen pizzas in the freezer for those nights I don't know what to fix for dinner or for easy weekend dinners.  They're really handy and quick, and my teenage son does a really great job of fixing them.  Usually I just buy whatever pizzas are on sale, and we're not real picky about them.  Besides, since we don't eat pork products, I almost always have to buy the Cheese pizzas and then have Cory doctor them up with beef sausage, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, or whatever we have on hand.  The pizzas all seem pretty much the same.

Recently, I got some coupons to try Freschetta FlatBread pizza for FREE.  You know how I love coupons and getting things for free.  The problem is that now I'm actually going to be a bit pickier about my pizza.  This Freschetta pizza is SO GOOD.  I actually couldn't find the new FlatBread pizza, though I looked for it at several different stores.  Maybe it's just not in my area yet.  So I bought the Brick Oven pizza - the Spinach & Mushroom and the 5 Italian Cheese.  I love, love, love the crust on this Brick Oven pizza!  The first pizza we tried was the Spinach & Mushroom - roasted and marinated portabella mushrooms and spinach, mozzarella and fontina cheese and a white cream onion sauce.  Cory took a couple pieces to his room, and when he came back out, he called it 'Amazing' and went for another piece.  It was pretty amazing.  The square shape of the Brick Oven pizza is really convenient now that Beth has moved out, because it cuts very nicely into 9 pieces - try doing that with a round pizza.  The 5 Italian Cheese was pretty amazing, too.

Tonight we had the Naturally Rising 4-Cheese.  When he took it out of the oven, Cory pronounced it 'Phenomenal' which you can see by looking at this picture:
And the crust? So good - just like fresh-baked bread.  This Freschetta pizza is definitely a step above some of the plain old frozen pizza I usually buy.  What makes Freschetta so special?  The naturally rising crust with no chemical leaveners, all natural cheeses, and vegetables picked at their peak and flash frozen for the best possible taste.

I'll be watching for Freschetta pizzas to go on sale from now on and buying them instead of just any old frozen pizza.  I'll probably have to try the FlatBread pizza when they get it here, even though I don't usually like thin, crispy crust on my pizza.  If you'd like to try Freschetta pizza, or if you already love it, you can go online and get a $1 coupon off any Freschetta pizza. 

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