Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cory Got His License!

In all the 'excitement' of the tornado, I forgot to mention that Cory got his driver's license.  Actually, he got it the day after Jeffrey and I got back from Vegas - so I had plenty of time to mention it (a few days, anyway), but I didn't.  Sometimes I just don't get to things in a timely manner.  Why does real life always seem to get in the way?

Anyway, it was about time the boy got his license.  Last year we just renewed his learner's permit.  Partially it was because we didn't have to pay for the insurance.  Visit autoinsurancequotes.com and you'll see that paying insurance for a teenage boy isn't cheap.  It wasn't just the insurance, though.  Unlike his sister Beth, who wanted to drive every chance she got from the minute she got her temps, Cory never seemed to care whether he drove or not.  Often he'd just rather sit in the back seat and read whenever we went someplace.  And, since he didn't have any real need to drive, he didn't really need to get his license.

Since he's gotten it, it's been pretty nice, though.  It seems he's had graduation parties and other events practically non-stop - and we haven't had to drive him to any of those things!  So, yes, it's convenient.  It was also nice that when he went to Whitewater yesterday for his college orientation and registration I didn't have to take him and then go back later to pick him up.  I'm not sure what kind of autoinsurancequotes.com we got from our insurance agent so I don't know how much this is going to cost us, but I guess it's just part of life. 

We were going to give Beth the Buick and get her off our insurance when she moved out, but we had some issues with emissions and repairs, and I had already paid for the license plate sticker, which the DOT was not going to refund, so we decided to wait until September when it's time to pay the insurance again.  Then she can get her own autoinsurancequotes.com and pay her own expenses, and we'll only have to pay for Cory.  Waiting also gives her a chance to get used to paying her own bills like rent and utilities before adding another one.
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