Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Because I'm the Mom

I mentioned that Cory is in his first college play and going to be here at the elementary school in town on Friday.  So, since I'm planning to be there, Cory left me a message on facebook asking me to bring him some stuff.  He wants his quilt and his old watch.  Sure.  I can do that.

And then, another request:
also. if you have time this week, and if you want Allison, Blaine, Anthony, Ham, Ebeth and I would love it if you'd make us treats to eat on the way to racine. :P
Cookies? brownies? Rice Crispies? Chocolate Covered Pretzels. something fun and tastey to snack on in the Dodge Grand Caravan. XD

because you LOVVVVVVE me.
He expects a lot, doesn't he?  But, since I'm the mom, and I really do LOVVVVVVE him, I'll be baking some cookies tomorrow.  He better appreciate it!

It's good, though - because I like to bake cookies, but we certainly don't need a whole batch around here!  The recipe makes so many I can't get them all into the cookie jar.  Being able to share them with the Calico Tiger cast will save us from needing any of the top fat burners available.  Well, it will save Jeffrey anyway.  I like the cookies, but they don't call to me the way they do to him.

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