Monday, November 01, 2010

Cat Hair. Everywhere.

Does anybody know if there's some kind of hair loss product for cats that would help them keep their hair on their bodies instead of leaving it all over my furniture and everywhere else?

I cannot believe how much cat hair gets all over everything - the footstool where Weasley likes to lay, as well as his favorite cushion on the couch, and the back of the couch where he can lay and look out the window.  The comforter in the basement that Tillie loves and her rocking chair.  And then there are the hidden places like the side of the couch where the cats squeeze through between the couch and the end table.  We don't see that until we move the couch.

I cleaned the couch and footstool with Mr. Sticky today, but I really need to vacuum, too.  The fun with that is that it looks like I've vacuumed up an entire cat by the time I've gone over one room!  It makes me wonder how those two have any hair left at all.

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  1. No matter how much I brush off my black work trousers I always notice some stray cat hair on them at some point during the day! Gets everywhere doesn't it! lol


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