Monday, November 01, 2010

I Can Hardly Wait

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They started putting the siding on the house last Monday.  They started with the side of the garage and did that whole side of the house.  They just started around the corner to the back of the house, and then they called it quits for the day.  And then the WIND came, so they didn't come back the next three days, and then they went hunting on Friday.  So, we've had to wait a week for them to come back.

When they're here, they really work hard.  They showed up this morning and started at the back of the house where they left off last Monday, and they've worked their way around the house all the way to the front.  I don't think they're planning to have it all finished by the end of the day, but they are certainly getting close!  Maybe by tomorrow the siding will all be on.

All week, when I walked around the corner on the end of the house that was done or drove down the street coming home, I just had to look, of course.  I am loving it!  Like I said before, picking colors is hard.  It's so hard to picture exactly what it's going to look like from all those little samples, and you don't know exactly what you're going to get until it's actually on the house.  I almost didn't go with this color siding because there's one other house in the neighborhood with this color, and the colors they chose to go with it just do not work.  Thankfully they picked the color, because I would not have thought of it if they hadn't, but the trim and roof?  What were they thinking?

Thankfully, we picked some colors that are looking really good together.  Because, once you put them on the house, it's too late to do anything about it if they don't look good.  Now, that we've got the roof, trim, and some of the siding on the house - wow!  I can hardly wait to see the whole thing finished - roof, siding, windows, trim, gutters, new outside lights.

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