Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Come On, Come On, Come On

While I'm holed up in the basement, I'm trying to get some things accomplished.  I've been trying to go through some magazines and toss most of them out.  If Jeffrey had his way, I'd just toss them without looking through them, but I really want to go through them and pull out the things I'm interested in.  Yes, I know I've had them around for ages and lived just fine without knowing what was in there - but still!

I've already reduced an entire box of magazines to a stack of articles and recipes about the size of just one or two magazines.  I found this recipe for Cinnamon Swirl Bake in one of the magazines I went through, and I've made it twice since - so it's good I went through the magazines, right?  Today I started on another box and found that it was full of Kraft Food & Family magazines which are full of great-looking recipes.  Basically, I would be ripping the entire magazine out to save the recipes, and that doesn't really sound like I'd be accomplishing anything - except having a loose stack of recipes instead of having them neatly bound in a magazine.  So, I went to the Kraft Foods website and started looking up the recipes that looked good, and I added them to my Recipe Box there.  Well, I started adding them.  I've made it through one magazine so far. 

Part of it is that I'm finding a lot of recipes I'd like to try, making me wish I'd used those magazines more as they came in, but the other part is that either the Internet or my computer is so slow today.  Everything seems to take so much longer than it should, making it really hard to accomplish anything.

I am getting more and more frustrated with my computer every day.  Some days I'll type something and then sit there just waiting and watching what I just typed appear on the screen.  One.  Letter.  At.  A.  Time.  Arghhh!  All I can do is sit there and wait - 'come on, come on, come on, any day now!'  I think it's about time to clean it all off and start over again or find myself a new custom laptop so I can actually get some of the stuff done that I want to get done - without it taking all day.