Friday, November 05, 2010

Rave Reviews!

I went to the elementary school this morning to see a performance of The Calico Tiger.  Because, how could I not?  It was right here in town, and I kinda like that guy who plays the tiger!

I don't know about the lipofuze reviews, but the reviews from this play have all been positive!  Everyone said they did a really good job.

It was really fun seeing them perform for a gym full of kids.  There were a few kids in the audience when we went Saturday, but it's different when the audience is mostly kids.  I loved seeing the kids' reactions and hearing them laugh at the antics of the animals.  It was also fun to talk afterwards to some of Cory's teachers from elementary school.  Until this morning, they hadn't realized he was in the play, so that was a pleasant surprise. They really enjoyed seeing Cory come back and perform.

I got good reviews, too when they realized I made COOKIES!

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