Sunday, November 21, 2010

Out with the Old...

The problem with getting all new roof and siding on the house is that you just don't realize how old and dirty things are, until everything is brand new and pretty.

Once they took the old screen door down, we realized that we just couldn't have them put it back up.  The old one was white and dirty.  I'm going to say dirty because of the tornado because we didn't really clean it up after, but it could have just been dirty from being on the front door all these years.  I suppose we could have cleaned it, but it still would have been white, and we were going to have to change it before too long.  So, we went ahead and bought a new one now.  The guys were going to have to put a screen door up anyway, so why not a new one instead of the old?  The new one is really nice - sandstone color to go with the house, and the screen retracts so that you don't even see it when it's all the way up.  And, the guys installed it so well, it closes so nicely.  The other one never seemed to work right.

We also had to get some paint to match the trim, and Jeffrey painted the post before it went back up - because it was white and dirty and just would not have looked right at all.  And we put new lights up outside, because we added lights on the front of the garage, and the light by the front door had to match those, and while we were at it, we figured the light by the back door ought to match, too.

There are still a few little details on the outside of the house that need taken care of,  hopefully this week.  They are going to put brand new buttons for the doorbell on - again, because the old ones look old and dirty.  They're also going to spray paint our flag holder the color of our trim before they put it back up, since the white is just the wrong color.

Then, the only thing left is for Jeffrey to paint the front door, because the maroon just does not look right any more.  Since we have the paint that matches the trim, we'll probably start by painting it that color and see how we like that. 

And that's only the outside of the house...


  1. I was wondering about the door color. It went well with the old house color, but i wasn't sure about the green.... maybe a dark purple .......

  2. That's it...a dark purple! Oh, wait, I haven't seen the house, so how could I know what color for your front door!?! Although, purple does look nice with green. I'm sure you'll come up with something that looks nice.


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