Friday, November 12, 2010

Hair Color Burn-Out

I'm wondering.  Is it OK to stop coloring my hair and embrace those gray color challenged hairs that insist on making my head home?  Is there a certain age?  Do I need to wait until I'm a grandma?  (Not that I'm ready to be making any birth announcements right now.)

I'm just getting frustrated with the whole hair color thing.  Maybe if I hadn't started coloring when I didn't need to just for the 'fun' of it...   Also, I'll probably have to cut it short in order to grow the roots out properly.  Probably.

Any suggestions?


  1. When you figure it out let me know! Coloring my roots every three weeks is soooooo frustrating! Good thing you clarified the "grandma" thing, I was wondering... :P

  2. Coloring your hair is just denial!!! You are definitely in denial!!! Embrace the badge of honor!! Let your light shine!!! Be that shining example of young, sexy grandmother-hood !!! Show the world that you aren't scared to embrace your future!!! Shout out to the world and let them know that "Yes! I do have a daughter old enough to have a baby and I am proud of it!!!! Go for it Beth, make me a grandma!!! I'm Ready!!!!"

  3. By the way, When will you be ready to make birth announcements ????

  4. Yep, I'm wondering about those birth announcements, too. I did finally hear from your daughter.... Your dad never wanted me to color my hair, always told me I'd earned those gray hairs...not exactly sure what he meant. :-) Gray hair can be very beautiful, besides that's the natural way of things (hair), isn't it?

  5. I'm at exactly the same stage! I am sick of colouring my hair but just can't make that decision to stop completely.

    I am thinking though of going lighter with highlights so the greys don't show, but having been brunette all my life it's a big step.

    Scared I will look in the mirror and not recognise myself! eeekkkkk!!!


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