Monday, November 01, 2010

How Long Can it Last?

It's November, and I'm putting off turning the heat on as long as possible. We did turn it on the first night we came back from Utica, but I turned it off the next day because the weather was so nice, and I wanted to have the windows open.  Thankfully we have had wonderful weather, through most of October.  It's been great for all the work we're having done on the house.

New MotorcycleYesterday Jeffrey and I went for a little walk around the neighborhood, checking on some of the other houses that are being redone and rebuilt.  It was so nice Jeffrey said we ought to go put on our leather jackets and riding boots  (and gloves) and go for a motorcycle ride.  And we would have, but since he just had surgery on Wednesday, it wasn't a good idea. 

We'll just have to hope that the nice weather holds on for a bit longer.  I won't have to turn the heat on in the house, and maybe we can have one last ride before he puts the motorcycle away for the winter.

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  1. It's been lovely here as well, was up to 18c a couple of days ago but this weekend has seen a sudden drop to 8c..


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