Friday, April 08, 2011

Clean is NOT an Option

I don't know about you, but this commercial always bothers me. First of all, if the dad doesn't want his daughter to leave the house in a short little skirt, he should tell her so - or at least HIDE the skirt so she can't find it.  Yeah, I know.  We had a teenage girl in this house, and no matter what we tried, she insisted on wearing the shortest, tightest, etc.  It wouldn't have mattered if she was wearing a nurse uniform or jeans and a sweater, she insisted on showing what she had. There were at least a couple items of clothing that just didn't find their way back into her closet...

What really bothers me about this commercial is the statement that 'Style is an option.  Clean is not.'  Hey!  I want the option to have clean clothes.  Tide doesn't seem to want to give me that option.  I can choose style.  I can't choose clean.  And here I always thought getting your clothes clean was the point of using a laundry detergent...

I think what Tide really meant to say is that style is optional, while clean is not.


  1. Great point Anna. Elizabeth and I both have pulled some clothes out of our daughters closet, clean or not.

  2. Also, for anyone who has seen a teenage girl's room, you know that it would take ages for her to search her room if an item of clothing goes missing. That would give you plenty of time to burn it, give it away, or sell it on eBay to someone else's teenage daughter! And that super-short skirt would never be seen again...


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