Thursday, April 07, 2011

Job Interviews

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While he was on Spring Break, Cory submitted several job applications looking for a summer job.   So far he's had an interview at Best Buy, which went really well, and he has to go back for a 2nd interview with the store manager this evening.  And, he's had an interview at the Subway right there in Whitewater, within biking distance of campus.  He said that one went really well, too, though they were looking for a delivery driver, and he's not old enough.  They're supposed to call him back in the next few days and let him know about working in the store instead of driving.

So, I guess we'll see what happens.  Cory thinks he would really like working at Best Buy, but the Subway job wouldn't have to just be a summer job.  He could start now, work through the summer, and then work during school next year. The Best Buy job would just be for summer and maybe Sundays and breaks during the school year, because it's not close to campus at all.  From home, the driving to either place would be about the same - maybe a bit closer for Subway.

Whatever he ends up doing, selling electronics at Best Buy, making sandwiches at Subway, putting up metal buildings, or anything else, I know he'll do a good job.  And he'll be happiest at a job that lets him interact with a lot of people.

So, keep your fingers crossed and pray that everything works out and he gets what's best for him.  Best Buy, Subway, or something else.
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