Friday, April 15, 2011

Hangers for My Guests

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When I mentioned I was looking for a new mirror for my front entryway and thinking about getting one with coat hooks, one of my friends mentioned that I could just put some extra hangers in my front coat closet.  And she's right, I could.  The thing is, I thought I already had extra hangers in there.  I used to.

Well, I found my extra hangers yesterday while I was cleaning - in the basement, under the stairs.  They've only been there since last Fall (2009) when we had our Tile flooring put in.  We moved everything out of that closet so the workers could get in there to lay the tile, and then, obviously, we didn't move everything back.  We moved most things back, but these weren't out in plain view.  Out of sight, out of mind and all that.  There are still a couple coats hanging down there under the stairs, too. 

I brought the hangers upstairs and put them in the front closet, where they can be used by my guests - and just in time for warmer weather when they won't be needing coats, but that's beside the point.  Really, if somebody had complained let me know sooner, I could have fixed this problem sooner. 

I left the coats downstairs.  They're not mine.
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  1. I kinda did, but you and Jeff were busy setting things up, and i just make myself at home and you kinda let me and i solved the problem and moved on and then i forgot about it..cuz i was talking to M & R , and Cory was there, and we were all so happy and life was good and i was late cuz i drive slower than Don and we had to get started and i was talking and laughing and a great time was had by all, even the earmuffs who were hanging on for dear life trying not to get lost while my coat was hugging it's new friend in the closet. Weasley, on the other hand was ignoring me completely!


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