Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doctor's Appointment with Beth

Beth had her regularly scheduled doctor's appointment on Tuesday.  Her blood pressure was a bit higher than they would like.  I don't know how high, just that the doctor ordered some extra tests, and she has to go back today for lab work.  He told her the high blood pressure could be caused by stress or some other normal things, but it's a bit elevated for that, and he wants to rule out Preeclampsia.  Either that, or if that's what she has, he'll probably want her to go ahead and deliver the baby.  She's at 37 weeks, so he will be fine.

She's not real thrilled about that because she did not want any kind of drugs - to induce labor or for pain - and this would mean that her labor would have to be induced, and then she might need something for pain because apparently this makes the contractions really bad.  I told her she needs to stop worrying about it because that's not going to help her blood pressure, and, however it has to happen, the most important thing is that she and the baby are healthy. 

Today she goes back for test results.  Tim can't take off work to go with her, so she called me last night and asked me to go with her.  Hopefully, she'll get good news, but if she doesn't, she doesn't want to be alone.  It's kind of nice to know that she still needs her mom sometimes.

Prayers that everything works out for the best and that we end up with a healthy mother and baby - whether now or in a few weeks - would be appreciated.  Thanks.


  1. I always keep my online friends and their families in my prayers, but I'll be sending out extra for you!

  2. Whoo hoo, you might be a Grandma sooner than expected! Whatever happens I hope it all goes well :)

  3. Hang in there! Keeping you guys in our prayers!

  4. Praying for all of you....hang in there Grandma!!


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