Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hello! Anybody There?

I'm feeling a bit neglected nowadays. All my giveaways are closed, and nobody is commenting anymore.  Well, hardly.  I guess I know who my true friends are now, because you're still talking to me!  Everyone else was just hoping to win, huh?

Seriously, besides giving away great prizes, what is the secret to getting people to comment?   I should probably pay more attention to the posts I comment on when I visit other blogs and analyze why I feel compelled to comment on certain posts.  Or not.  Maybe I'll just accept that we're all busy with our own lives, with housework, homework, work work, taking that massage therapy program online or whatever, and no one really has time to comment, even when they have time to read other people's blogs.  Because I'm just as guilty and rarely take the time to comment.

Maybe I should be looking for the secret to cramming more stuff into a day - getting more done in less time.  Any ideas how I can do that?


  1. Yup... I think it's that we all are busy, and while we don't have the time to blog "hop" and comment, we still get disappointed at the lack of comments on our blogs. I know that's how I've been feeling. Besides, I commented on your blog this morning, and it wasn't a giveaway. hehe

  2. I rarely comment on giveaways. So... :)

    The best thing to get comments is to give comments, in my experience.

    So here I am. :D

  3. I noticed both of you commented earlier today, so I'm counting you among my true friends!

    I do think you're right, Rebecca. More commenting, more talking, more communication. I know it goes both ways.

  4. Yep always something going on.
    Stopped to say hi.


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