Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Really Need to Buy a Mirror

I think every bedroom absolutely must have a full length floor mirror. I've stayed places that had either no mirror in the bedroom or just the mirror on the dresser. Do you know how hard it is to tell if the entire outfit looks good when you can't see the entire outfit? I mean shoes and all.  It just doesn't look the same when you have to stand on one foot and hold the other up to try and get a glimpse of it in the mirror.

For those of you who know me and the fact that we do not wear shoes in the house, I'm really only talking about dressing up and putting on dressy shoes that haven't been worn outside for ages and, therefore, will not track dirt through the house if I slip them on in the bedroom to see how they look with the dress.  If I'm just putting on jeans and a top to go out to the store or something, I still like to see myself head to toe, but I'm not too worried about the shoes.  I do want to look presentable, though.  Unlike some people.

Have you seen how some people dress when they go out in public?  I would be too embarrassed to leave the house!  I don't know if they just don't care, don't have anything better to wear, or just don't have a Decorative wall mirror, let alone a full-length mirror, so they just don't know how they look.  Is there a good way to go up to someone and suggest she start looking for some mirrors for her house? If this is you, consider this a gentle nudge to start looking for some mirrors.  You can thank me later.  Then you can go out in public without embarrassing your friends and family.  The mirrors will look nice in your house, too.
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