Monday, April 04, 2011

They Moved!

Well, Tim & Beth are all moved.  They probably have some cleaning to do in the old apartment, but that's all.  They just found out they got the new apartment last weekend, signed the lease on Monday, and they're already moved in.  They spent their first night there Friday night.

Cory helped some with the loading, hauling, etc. but we hadn't even seen the new place until yesterday.  It's going to be so nice for them.  They've got a nice, open living area, dining area, and kitchen.  Both the bedrooms are really big.  We joked that the bedrooms were bigger than the entire old apartment!  Maybe not quite, but they've got a king-sized bed in the one bedroom as well as two dressers and a computer desk, and they's still room to move around.  They've got a queen-sized bed set up in the 2nd bedroom, and there's still going to be room to set up the crib, changing table, and dresser.

We just kept commenting on how much space they have - especially compared to their old apartment, but it's a nice-sized apartment even f we didn't have the old one to compare it to.  They're not within walking distance anymore, but it's only 10 minutes away.  Beth seems to think we'll want to visit quite often for some reason!