Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time to Cash In?

5oz Silver QuarterImage by Madbuster75 via Flickr
Years ago, before I married Jeffrey, I worked at a grocery store.  One day a lady came in and paid for her groceries with change.  It wasn't just any change, though.  She paid with real silver dimes and quarters.  Those of us who were working on the registers quickly checked to see how much cash we had with us and 'bought' as many of the silver coins as we could from the register drawer.   I've held onto mine ever since.

I'm wondering if it might be time to cash those silver coins in.  I hadn't thought much about it.  We keep hearing about the rising cost of gold bullion, and how people are cashing in on all their old gold jewelry, but the rising price of silver isn't stressed quite as much.  Or maybe I just haven't been paying attention.  Last week Beth said that someone she knows had sold some silver coins - which made her remember mine - and made quite a bit from them.  She said maybe I'd want to sell mine.

Maybe I should.  They've just been stashed away somewhere all these years, and I'm not doing anything with them.  Silver may not be worth as much as gold bullion, but my coins are definitely worth more than face value.  The current price of silver is getting close to $50/oz.  I'm not sure how many ounces of silver are in my coins, but it might be worth at least taking them to someone who's willing to buy gold bullion and silver, just to see how much I could get from them.

I may or may not decide to sell them, but it would be fun to find out how much I might get.  I could find out, hold onto my coins, and consider them an investment!

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