Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Lamps for the House

After the house was painted and we started putting things back into place, we realized we needed some new lamps.  For years we've had several halogen torch lamps, but they've been gradually dying, and you just can't buy those anymore.  So, we went looking to find something else.

There are so many different styles of lamps - lamps to suit every taste.  We didn't think a Tiffany floor lamp would be right for our house, but we did find a very nice set.  It included a floor lamp, a table lamp, and a smaller table lamp - the first matched set of lamps we've ever had.  I really like the smaller one.  Well, I like all of them, but that small lamp has come in really handy.  When I get up in the mornings, while it's still dark, I don't like much light - but I still need to see.  I used to go around the living room, turning off all but one light, and then back to flip the switch to turn it on.  Now, I just go to this one lamp and turn the switch on it.  It puts out just enough light.  It's also a good lamp to leave on for a kid who's coming in after we go to bed, and we don't want to leave all the lights on.

We liked our new set of lamps so much that we went back and bought another set for the bedroom.  Not the exact same set, but another similar one.  It has a floor lamp, beside table lamp, and a smaller lamp we put on Jeffrey's dresser.  Our tastes are pretty simple, so the lamps we bought aren't real fancy - but we like them, and that's what matters.

For those who want fancy or specialty lamps there are lamps of all kinds available online.   Have you ever wondered where they get the bear lamps or deer or fishing lamps they put in those rental cabins?  I even found some of those online.  You can shop the largest selection of table lamps or floor lamps from the comfort of your own home and even get them shipped free to your door.  Sometimes I wonder how we ever found anything before we had the internet.  I guess we just didn't know how many things we could have to choose from.