Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I suppose you've noticed that some of my posts are sponsored posts. (If you haven't already, go ahead and read the disclosure notice on the sidebar) July has been a rather frustrating month for me in regards to these sponsored posts. For the first couple of weeks, I just wasn't seeing any available opps. Of course, my blog doesn't rate very high, so there were plenty of opps I didn't qualify for. I just wasn't seeing any that I did qualify for. During this time, I got this blog here approved. Prior to that I was using my blog over at LiveJournal - A Mind Forever Voyaging - as my only paid blog. Adding this one opened up a few more options. Then last Friday more opps started appearing - Yay! Friday and Monday were good.

Today I finally caught an opp - 50 words, should be pretty easy. I posted it over on LiveJournal and then went to submit with PayPerPost, and they wouldn't take it. It kept telling me that the link code was wrong. I recopied, re-pasted, re-submitted - several times - to no avail. I finally reported it, and they are checking on it. In the meantime? LiveJournal went down. So, even if the link code issue gets fixed, I can't submit. I'd just throw it over here, but blogspot.com is excluded from this opp. I suppose it doesn't help to pull my hair out?

Yes, there will be other opps. It's just that I was getting used to being able to take at least one every day, and then July came. Probably just a dry spell. Things will get better. It just seems that some days everything conspires against me, huh? I still have about half an hour to hope LiveJournal comes back up and I can resubmit this thing. Otherwise? I'll just hide the post and save it for next time. Surely this advertiser will need posts again - because PayPerPost is a great way to advertise!
Advertisers: if you'd like me to blog for you, be sure to click the "Hire Me" badge.
Bloggers: Click that PayPerPost badge and get paid for blogging about the things you love. You know you want to - despite my frustration with today. It's usually pretty awesome getting paid to write blog posts. Besides that, I've found all kinds of interesting things by doing it.

Ok - going to try to submit my post again - just in case.


  1. I've been journaling since before the term "blog" was created. The idea of being paid to post my stuff is so totally foreign to me!

  2. I was surprised to find out that it is actually possible to get paid to post things. I figured I was already linking to things that interested me, so why not try it?


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