Thursday, February 05, 2009

Clay and HTML

Check out this cute little creature Cory made from clay tonight. He's not sure what it is, but it is cute, isn't it? It almost makes me want to try making something from clay...

As I was inserting the picture here I remembered that Cory wanted me to show him how to insert an image with html. But he was busy playing with clay and forgot to remind me. He's taking a web page design class this semester, but the teacher really doesn't teach them much. So he figures if he's going to learn anything, I'll have to teach him.

I know how to insert images, create links like this one to Westgate, make lists, insert lines, and all kinds of other stuff with html. It's really not difficult, and the teacher could teach them all that in the first week or two of class - and then use the rest of the semester to learn even more. It won't happen though. It's more like a study hall for credit. With computers.


  1. I've got one for you... I'm taking an online COLLEGE class for web design, and everything we are learning is out dated, because our textbook was written in 2001, and the things we are learning don't work with the current browser versions!

  2. When I was first learning bits and pieces of HTML I got the idiots guide.. it really helped me.


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