Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spread the Red

I used to always color my hair some shade of red, from dark auburn to strawberry blond. I did it long enough that some of my mom's friends actually believed she had a red-headed daughter. I came by it somewhat naturally, since I always got reddish highlights when my hair bleached out in the sun. At least that's what I told myself. Of course, that's where I differ from true redheads. I like to be out in the sun. I can spend time in the sun, without freckling, burning, and all the other sun-related problems most redheads have. Of course, since we keep hearing that we're not supposed to spend time in the sun without lots and lots of sunscreen, they're probably better off anyway.

I was just looking around Reddhead.com this afternoon. It's a social network for redheads, and it looks like lots of fun. Their goal is to Save the Redheads and 'spread the red' by bringing redheads together. Currently only 1-2% of the world's population is redheaded, but through the reddhead.com 3-generation program, they expect to see that up to 10% by 2120. There's even a money-back guarantee on that.

Did I mention the site is free? Can't beat that money back guarantee, can you?

Reddhead.com is like may other social network sites with polls and blogs, groups, photos, quizzes and more. It's just for redheads and those who love them, so it's a little more fiery.