Monday, February 16, 2009

Finding Money for College

With one kid out of high school now and the other one graduating next year, you can believe we are thinking about how to pay for college. Ideally we should have started thinking, planning and saving years ago - back when they were babies - but we weren't in a position to do that then. Let me just stop and say: If you have young children, start saving NOW!

Anyway, since we don't have a huge account just waiting to pay for college for both kids, I'm always interested in learning about different ways to help pay for college. I was reading an article today that listed a few sources for school loans and sponsorships. According to the article, the best two are:
  • where students can post a profile, list their requested loan amount, and invite registered lenders to fund all or part of their loan.
  • and which connects students with individuals and companies who are willing to sponsor their education. That's free money for college!
Both sites are free to register with and start building a profile. They're not just for students, either. Individuals and companies who would like to sponsor a student (or students) or become lenders are encouraged to sign up, too.

Cory, I know you read my blog - sign up for these, OK? Start building your profile and helping those sponsors understand why they want to help you.