Thursday, February 12, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday - 4


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I went out Tuesday morning to shoot the moon – a gorgeous full moon going down behind the trees.

The wind was pretty strong that morning, making it really hard to hold still and focus – especially when I tried zooming in.  Still, even though the focus isn’t quite what I was going for in this one, I still kind of like it.

If you enjoy skies as much as I do, be sure to check out Looking at the Sky on Friday.


  1. Hi Anna, I kinda like it too! You did good with that moon. I am envious. My camera won't let me take nice moon pictures like my old Kodak did.
    Happy Looking and thank you for peeking in and leaving a nice comment.

  2. Hi Anna, Wowie got some great shots of this full moon. You must have a very steady hand. Beautiful...

  3. I like those shots, so pretty and wonderful.

  4. I love the way you got closer and closer. The last shot with the moon sort of in the background is very eye catching.

    Thanks for playing,

  5. I noticed the other morning driving into work that it was a gorgeous moon but alas, I had neither my camera with me or the time to go back and get it. Maybe next month?

    In the meantime, looking at your moon shots is quite nice - even blurry I think they look great!

    Have a great Friday the 13th!

  6. Those are cool shots! The last one is my favorite.

  7. It was a most marvelous full moon, was it not? Very well done! I have some in nearly that very light! My Dad said they had an oriental feel to them!

  8. It was a beautiful moon that day. Your shots are wonderful

  9. These are all lovely ...
    I don't usually have good luck with moon shots ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. The moon is a weakness of mine. What sort of camera are you using - digital? How much optical zoom on these photos? I love them!

    Tink *~~*~*
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    PS - I posted a moon shot on Wednesday

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