Thursday, February 12, 2009

Date Night at the Bradley Center

Jeffrey and I had a night out last night.  It was a real romantic date – to the Bucks game.  Originally, I wasn’t going to go.  Jeffrey called from work and wanted to know if I wanted to go, but I wasn’t terribly thrilled.  I’m not really a big sports fan.  Beth had to work, or she probably would have wanted to go.  So, she sent Cory a text at school and asked him if he wanted to go.  He said ‘sure’ and it was going to be a boys’ night out, and I was going to stay home alone.

Then Cory backed out because he has a Forensics meet coming up and he needed to practice with his partner.  So, I said I’d go so Jeffrey didn’t have to go alone.  Other people from work were going to be there, so he wouldn’t have been completely alone, but still…

He came home from work, picked me up, and we drove to Milwaukee, found a place to park near the Bradley center – free on the street because it’s better to walk a few blocks than pay $20 for parking.  Then we walked around the building trying to find something to eat.  There are definitely lots of things to choose from there.  Who knew going to a basketball game could mean you could end up needing  diet pills?  I ended up getting a burrito from Qdoba, and Jeffrey got a barbecue chicken sandwich.  Later, at half time we walked around again to get some roasted nuts – so good!  The almonds are the best, but the cashews and pecans were good, too.

Bucks GameIt is interesting watching one of these basketball games.  The whole atmosphere is rather circus-like.  It amazes me that the players can even concentrate with all the noise and music going on around them.  Maybe it isn’t so loud down on the court?  Then during every time out or break in the game, something else happens down on the court – games, giveaways, dancing girls. 

The Bucks won the game, and it was a fun evening overall.  No, I wouldn’t pay $60 for the tickets, but if Jeffrey gets free tickets again, I’ll go with him again.

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  1. Basketballs players have a lot of practice of tuning out everything except the court during games. Starting when they play as kids, then in high school and college. It's just a matter of having focus.

    Oh, but anyway - sounds like a great date!! Kinda nice that it worked out that way :)


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