Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is Me, Screaming

I just learned that SeaWorld is opening a new ride in May. It's called the Manta, and it looks absolutely amazing! You ride laying down, attached to the belly of a giant Manta, so it's like you're actually flying. I love roller coasters, and I've always wanted to fly - so this ride ought to about cover it. It will also have a cool aquarium.

Ted Murphy has a video on his blog from the IZEA exclusive hard hat tour of Manta, and I am seriously going to need to ride this! Hopefully IZEA and SeaWorld can help me out with that, because they've teamed up to create wicked contest called Manta Mania.
One person will win a trip for four to SeaWorld including airfare, hotel and two full days at the park. Not only that… you will get priority access to ride Manta!

Two full days at the park - one to see Shamu and the aquariums and all the rest of what makes SeaWorld the best park in Orlando, and one whole day to ride Manta, over and over and over... Do you see why I'm screaming? Besides the obvious that I always scream on roller coasters because that makes them more fun. I'm screaming, "Pick me! Pick me!"

Run on over to Ted's blog to see how you can enter Manta Mania!