Thursday, February 05, 2009

Free Games at the Mega Brands Kids Zone

It seems I always have something else to do on the computer, and I don't have much time for games. When I do have time, I usually choose word games that make me think but don't require too much coordination. Maybe if I had started playing video games when I was younger I would have developed that coordination? Or maybe if I force myself to play now, it will help. What do you think?

Whether it helps with coordination or not, I believe kids (and adults) can have a lot of fun playing games on the computer. The MEGA Brands Kids Zone has a lot of great games for kids. I tried a few of them out. I liked the Legends of King Arthur game, not because I actually knew what I was doing, but because it was fun to click around in the game world. There's a castle that looks like it's made out of Mega Bloks, just the way you'd imagine your castle to look - if you could build it and bring it to life. I got to control a knight and fight off a dragon. No, I didn't know what I was doing, but I just kept clicking and beat that dragon!

I also tried a game called Dragons Metal Ages where I got to be a dragon. I think I was supposed to drop fireballs on things and people on the ground, so I kept dropping, but in the end my dragon fell to the ground and the game told me maybe I'd do better next time.

There are several more games available that I haven't tried yet. Did I mention it's free to play them? Check them out with your kids and let me know which ones you like - if you can tear yourselves away, that is. I'm going to go play some more! Maybe I can convince Cory that this is more fun than that mouse hunting game he keeps playing.