Saturday, February 14, 2009

Get Your Student Ready for the SAT

300x250Because Beth was never going to go to college, she never took any of the tests, either the SAT or ACT. She's planning to go to a technical college next fall, so she really didn't need to take the SAT. Cory, however, had better get himself busy and get registered and prepared. We keep reminding him and nudging him, but it's one of those things that he just has to do for himself.

I did find out today that Brightstorm has a special going on their SAT prep package. Regularly $147, it's now only $98.

The package includes:
  • Comprehensive review by SAT experts on each SAT section - Critical Reading, Math, and Writing
  • 14+ hrs of online videos covering content review, strategy, tips and tricks
  • Interactive quizzes and downloadable practice problems and study guides
  • Self-diagnostic test to point out areas to improvement with links of specific videos to review
  • SAT practice problems and sample tests
  • Daily study planners
  • 24/7 access to online videos and downloadable practice sheets
  • Dynamic teachers who use real life examples to make learning fun
When I was getting ready to take the SAT all those years ago, I had this huge book to study. The book worked for me because that's how I learn. I need to read something to actually get it. Besides, Brightstorm wasn't around back then, with all the videos and interactive learning it provides. With all the time today's students spend on the computer, watching videos and everything else, I think this sounds like a great way to get your student ready for the test. Maybe this is what it will take to get Cory excited and prepared.

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