Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday - 23


I’m so glad there’s a meme like Looking at the Sky on Friday, because it means all the time I spend looking at the sky, and taking pictures of it, has a purpose!  Click the badge for more info.

I took these when Jeffrey and I were walking around the Waukesha County Fair on Sunday, before the concert.

We didn’t ride any of the rides, just watched.  I’ll save all my ride time for some real thrill rides – I’m thinking we really need a trip to Six Flags and some serious roller coasters!

If you enjoy skies as much as I do, be sure to check out Looking at the Sky on Friday.


  1. mmm, ride the wheel, it's the most fun...

  2. I would like to go to a country fair again. Ours aren't too very much around here. Not nearly like those in the midwest.
    Catching those sky background pictures of the rides is a neat idea, yours turned out good.
    Our Astro World here closed a few years ago. Nothing is left now.

    They also closed all the KMarts in Texas quite a few years ago. I blame WalMart and then Governor G.W. Bush for that. Bush did our state's economy in pretty badly before he went to Washington.

  3. YAY for fairs! You did a wonderful job capturing the essence of the County Fair! Ours will be in September. We look forward to it every year!!! Thanks for taking us there. :)


  4. I love how the ride appears to be gobbling up the cloud in the 2nd shot

  5. I love the pictures of the rides. The rides look like they are going to land in the clouds. Great pictures.

  6. I like roller coasters! Haha. These are great sky shots. Looks like a really good day to enjoy the fair and the rides.

    Thanks for visiting. Happy LATSOF!


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