Friday, July 23, 2010

All the Pretty Colors

Since we had the tornado go through our neighborhood, a lot of the houses are getting new shingles and siding.  Several of the houses have already been done, and we're noticing that colors are changing.  We had our house built, so we chose all our colors to begin with, but a lot of people didn't have that option.  They bought their houses from the original owners and just had to take the colors that were already on the houses.  Now they're getting to choose the colors they want. 

There's a house behind us.  It's a big, two-story house that used to be blue.  Now some people like blue.  Actually, I like blue, too.  I just don't think it should be on the outside of a house, at least not a light sky-blue color.  There are some houses in the neighborhood that are a dusky gray-blue color that isn't too bad, but this house was the light blue.  It was not pretty.  Why do they even make siding in that color?  If it wasn't available, people couldn't choose it, and they'd never even know the difference.

Anyway, thankfully the owners chose to go with a very nice green color, and the house is looking so much better now. Several of the other neighbors around us are planning to change colors, too.  We're planning to stay pretty close to our current colors, because we still like them.  Unless the contractor we choose brings out a sample that I just can't resist...