Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't Lock Your Keys in the Car

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Sounds simple enough, right?  Just don't lock your keys in the car.

Unfortunately, it seems we all do it once in a while.  Earlier this week I got a call from Beth.  She was on lunch break at work and discovered she'd left her keys lying on the front seat of her car.  She wanted to know if Cory wanted to take a little drive and come unlock her car with my keys.  Instead, I told her to call AAA - because that's what we pay them for.  And since she works 20 minutes or so from here, it made more sense.

So she she called AAA, they sent out a locksmith, and she got her car unlocked in time to go back to work.  Unfortunately she didn't get anything to eat, but at least she had her car keys back so she could leave work when she got off.

I told her that, in the future, the best way to keep from locking your keys in the car is to always lock the car door with the remote.  That way you have to have the keys in your hand in order to lock the car, and there's no way to lock them in.

We'll see how that works for her.
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  1. This post cracks me up...bringing back many memories of similar moments between me, my car, friend's cars, and parents cars.


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