Thursday, July 22, 2010

Almost 50

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday.  He's 49 - and since he's a guy I'm sure he won't mind my telling the whole Internet how old he is.  Also, he'll always be older than I am!

I have a hard time believing I'm married to a man who's almost 50.  I remember telling him that I had to marry him before he got 'old' - before he turned 25.  Then when he turned 30 I sent black balloons to his office, because he really was 'old' then.  40 I don't think I made a big deal out of, because he threatened to do the same thing to me a few years later.

25 and 30 don't seem so old now, or 40 either.  But almost 50, now that's old - at least for the next few of years, or until it applies to me.  Then, of course, 50 won't be old at all!  Neither one of us will be needing social security disability insurance or collecting retirement any time soon. Unless someone knows something I don't - I just got an email with the subject line: 'See if you qualify for Social Security disability benefits.'