Friday, July 02, 2010

Somebody's Going to Need a New Insurance Company

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With all the tornado damage around here, people are getting a chance to find out how their insurance companies come through.  One of the contractors I talked to gave me the name of a really good insurance company that is taking care of the homeowner really well, as well as the name of an insurance company that is being a total pain to deal with.  Some of our friends are having problems with their insurance company, too.  I don't remember who they have, but I guess I better find out, so I never call them!  Something tells me that, after this all shakes out, some people will be getting new insurance quotes and finding a new insurance company.

Some of the contractors may be looking for business insurance quotes, too, maybe looking to use some of the really good companies for their insurance.

It's really easy to get those quotes nowadays.  Instead of calling a bunch of companies, you can go online, fill out one form, and get multiple quotes.  Whether you're looking to find California business insurance with Netquote, Wisconsin home and auto insurance, or Ohio life insurance, you can find it all.  There's no reason to keep an insurance company that won't take care of you when you need them.

You'd think they'd know that. Or maybe they're just hoping that we don't.
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  1. It's certainly hard to make a good decision on insurance without any first-hand information. I hope they have made the right choices.


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