Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting Out of the House

I've noticed some people have this need to get out of the house.  They talk about this thing called 'Cabin Fever' that seems to affect them negatively if they don't get out and do something on a regular basis.  Me, I don't understand that.  Getting out of the house doesn't really hold any attraction for me.  In fact, I'll pretty much avoid going anywhere unless I absolutely have to go.

It's not like I can't get out, and once I do, it's really not so bad, and I even enjoy myself.  I'm not going to throw the deadbolt lock and shut myself away from the world forever.  It's usually just the thought of going out and the effort it seems to actually get ready and go.  It just seems so much easier to stay home.  My husband likes to go out and do things, so I'm trying to be better about going out.  It helps if I have some warning, because springing it on me at the last minute, like 'let's go out to dinner' just doesn't work.  It's still easier to stay home and cook - and the food is usually better and definitely cheaper.  But if he gives me time to think about it, I can adjust.  Sometimes.  We have been going out and seeing movies the last several weeks with out Spotlight Movie Club $5 coupons - and since those are on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I can plan ahead.

When I need to go out for something like grocery shopping, I like to accomplish as much as possible, like go to every store possible and get everything we could possibly need so that I don't have to do it again for a while.  The idea of going out for just one or two things just doesn't seem worth it.  If I couldn't have Jeffrey stop by the store to pick things up on his way home, we'd just do without  - because we don't need it badly enough for me to make a special trip.  Of course, now they're saying that combining your trips is a good way to save money, so I guess that's not all bad.

Tonight - I'm just staying home.
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  1. We are SO much alike! I'm the exact same way. Hubs often jokes that if I could stay at home and have everything I need delivered (such as groceries, etc.) I'd never leave our property except to go on walks. hehe


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