Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Windows?

While we're getting our roof shingled and new siding on our house, we're thinking we ought to go ahead and put new windows in.  It's really the best time to do it, since the siding will all have to come off, making installation easier, and if we get the right energy efficient windows we can get the 30% tax credit, too.   It's hard to imagine not doing it.  There just won't be a better time.

The insurance will pay for Cory's window because it got broken and the back patio door that got scratched up, but we'll have to pay for the rest ourselves.  It would be a no-brainer if we knew we were going to be staying in this house for quite a while.  The energy savings are definitely worth it, but it takes quite a few years for the windows to pay for themselves in energy savings.  But, we don't know how long we'll be here.  I'm not saying we're ready to start looking at Wilmington NC real estate or anything.  More likely we'll be looking at Dallas if Jeffrey moves up with Dean Foods.  He's interviewed for a couple jobs there, but they haven't made any decisions yet.  We're just kind of waiting to see what happens.

The question is will the windows pay for themselves if we have to sell the house sometime soon?  Probably not, but still - it's the perfect time to replace them.  It's also probably a good selling point to have all new windows, and siding, and roof, whether here, in the Wilmington NC real estate market, or anywhere else.

Also, I'd hate to not get the new windows and then find out that we won't be looking at any Wilmington NC real estate listings (Though some of those North Carolina houses look really nice! Yes, I did a search, just because - they make it so easy.), or Dallas listings or real estate anywhere else, and that we get to stay here.  Then we'd want to/have to do it before too long anyway, and the installation would cost more, and the tax credits probably won't be available anymore, and it will end up costing us more.