Thursday, July 08, 2010

Feelin' Like a Popsicle

It's been a little warm around here - not nearly so hot as the weather they've been having on the East Coast, but definitely warm and sticky.  I've been thinking, "It feels like summer!" and actually quite enjoying it.  This is what summer is supposed to feel like.  The other people in my house (Jeffrey & Cory) don't like the hot weather so much, so they finally turned the air conditioner on Tuesday night.  Jeffrey wanted to turn it on Sunday before we left for the fireworks, but the weather forecast said that Sunday was supposed to be the hot day, and it was supposed to cool off after that.  So we didn't turn it on, and Sunday night cooled off and was quite pleasant.

Then Monday Jeffrey had the day off and spent much of the day working outside - so why turn the air on, even though the weather didn't cool down like it was supposed to.  Of course by then the weather forecast had changed, and the heat and humidity was supposed to hang around for a few more days.  Then Jeffrey went back to work on Tuesday, and Cory and I were the only ones home.  There was enough air moving in the house to keep things quite comfortable.  At least I thought so, but Cory complained every chance he got and spent the day in the basement.  And later on, after Jeffrey got home, he closed up the house and turned the air on - meaning that now I get to feel like a Popsicle.

My toes get cold, and I have to put my socks on while I'm deleting all those emails about medical assisting school and singles looking to meet me.  Every once in a while I just have to walk outside so I can warm up.  Sure, I can turn the thermostat up, but at around 80°, it just seems to get stuffy in here, like the air isn't moving enough because the A/C doesn't kick on often enough.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when it's supposed to cool down and be less humid, and I can turn the air off and open all the windows back up.  I hope they don't change the weather forecast again....

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I keep it on 80 here, just to keep the humidity down, and he freezes me out.


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