Friday, July 30, 2010

The Trend in Cell Phones

Cory has been looking at new cell phones, hoping he can upgrade his phone next month before he goes to college.  His phone has been having some random issues like not holding a charge as long as he thinks it should and shutting itself off sometimes.  The problem with so many of the available cell phones these days are that they're all Smart Phones or phones with internet access.

It does sound convenient to have all that on your phone - email, facebook, google, whatever.  If you want to look something up, you don't have to wait until you get home to your computer.  The only problem is, these internet phone plans cost $20-$30 or more per month - on each phone.  And that's in addition to the regular calling plan.  I'm not convinced it's that important to have internet access on a phone.  Now, if it was an additional $20/month for all the phones on the plan, that might be worth it.

What I'm afraid of is that pretty soon they won't even have phones available that don't require the internet plans, and then if you want to have a cell phone, you have to pay for the plan.  Or, if they do have phones that aren't internet-capable, they'll be ugly or cheap-looking, and no one will want them.

Do you have internet on your phone?  How much do you use it?  Is it worth the additional cost?